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Thank you testers

2012-01-08 09:23:24 by RyGuyGames

Thanks to all testers for the beta version of Br. Box's Epic Adventures. We have been able to find several new bugs. We are unsure as to what causes these as the game worked perfectly a few days ago and there have not been any changes made since. We believe it is because of an upgrade from Flash 8 to Flash CS5.5. We are trying to fix the bugs and hope to gave 1.0 out by February. Thanks to all beta testers.

NOTE: If any music artists would like to submit music for the game, please contact me.

To developers

2011-12-21 13:18:03 by RyGuyGames

CHECK YOUR CODE AFTER YOU TYPE IT!!! This is an important rule of Flash development. I spent a day trying to fix a bug that was caused because I typed a 0 instead of a 3.

New Game

2011-11-14 17:56:20 by RyGuyGames

Like Mr. Box's Awesome Adventures? Coming soon: Mr. Box's Epic Adventure!